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Foot worship for Dina that mummified with a blanket

Clip by John

Wrapped in a blanket and strapped with lots of wide leather belts, barefoot Dina lies on a bed. She’s blindfolded and her big toes are tied. John approaches her and greedily licks her bare soles, and also massages them in every possible way and tickles them a little.

Mummified Dina has no choice but to get huge pleasure from this process. By the way, she herself offered to shoot such a clip based on one of her kinky fantasies. She loves foot worship a lot as well as being deprived of movements.

After a while, John rolls her over onto her stomach and continues to lick her bare ticklish feet.
In the end, John uses another belt to put Dina into some kind of a hogtie, puts a really big ballgag into her mouth, and leaves her alone for some struggling.

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