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Length - 13:27 -
Definition - 1080P

Foot Worship Tickle Trap !

Ivy Secret is pretty mischievous.  Nikki Brooks has just had a day full of foot-tickling shoots and is exhausted.  Ivy offers to show Nikki’s tickle-weary tootsies some love, by way of some nice, relaxing foot worship.  However, Ivy has an ulterior motive!  She just wants to lull Nikki into a false sense of security, so she can indulge in the sexy Latina’s vulnerable feet!

It doesn’t take much, either.  Nikki’s feet are hair-trigger sensitive, so even when Ivy is legitimately just licking her soles or sucking on her toes, she has to fight a bit, to contain herself.  Soon as Ivy realizes how easy it’s going to be, she pounces here and there, just enough to keep Nikki confused as to whether to expect pleasure or tickling torment!  Nikki even refers to the redhead as “Ivy, the deceiver”, as she taunts and teases her tender, wiggly feet!

Looks like Nikki has fallen, hook, line and sinker, for Ivy’s tickle trap.  Bad news for Nikki is that as more time passes, it looks like there will be more tickling than worshiping!  Far as we’re concerned, any way that Ivy chooses to go to town on Nikki’s feet is just fine with us!  Don’t miss this one!  Want a custom, starring Ivy or Nikki?  Email us, now!

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