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Length - 20:18 -
Definition - 720P

Ft Tickler Has Finally the Last Word on the Submissive Annys

This is Anny’s last punishment and the FT Tickler has finally the last word on her.
Anny is immobilized on the bench with her soles up and she’s sadistically punished by feathers and fingers.
You’ll see bare feet and upperbody tickling in this clip but the session is mostly feet punishment.

Annys is super ticklish all over and she’s really sensitive to the feathers who drive her crazy each time they run on her soft skin.
This position is one of the best for feet tickling and the views of the action are fantastic.

The submissive ticklee is tickled till she cannot take it anymore with an great continuous laughter all long the video.
A very sadistic session with an extremely ticklish girl totally devoted to her tickler’s fantasies.

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