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Fun And Worship For A Young Domme

Definition - 2160P
Length - 18:44


Today we introduce a new model. Her name is Sierra, a cute bossy girl who has recently learned about the benefits of foot fetish. From the moment she heard there were people willing to follow every of her commands just by offering her feet in return, she got interested completely in the topic and wanted to know more so that she can take advantage of it. During her research, she met Lizalka, a shy girl who started complimenting Sierra for her beauty features and treated her like someone superior. Sierra immediately detected a submissive behavior in Lizalka and decided to verify if her theory was correct, so without a bit of hesitation she asked Lizalka if she would like to worship her feet one of these days just for fun. Lizalka didn’t doubt for a second and readily admitted she would be more than happy to do it any time Sierra wishes.

In this video, Sierra has brought Lizalka to test her worshipping skills by giving her a great challenge. She has worn the same pair of old Reebok sneakers for a while and her feet are stinking and soaking in sweat, so Sierra would like to know how long this humble girl will be able to deal with them on her face. The dominant girl orders the poor Lizalka to begin licking the soles of her Reebok sneakers because to her mind they deserve to be clean. As Lizalka wipes up Sierra’s sneakers, the Goddess can’t help but laugh at her face for how pathetic and insignificant she looks. Indeed, Sierra is thrilled to have got a slave girl who is enthusiastic to obey all her orders without any complaint and she showcases her enjoyment by smiling a lot during the scenes. After some minutes, Sierra commands her new servant girl to take her sneakers off so that she can smell her stinky white socks which have changed color due to the accumulated foot sweat. Sierra smirks and has a lot of fun each time she feels Lizalka’s nose inhaling between her toes.

Then, Sierra makes Lizalka remove her socks and proceeds to put one of them inside Lizalka’s mouth while asking her about the taste. Lizalka continues smelling Sierra’s toes deeply as the Goddess takes pictures with her smartphone to remember this hilarious encounter. Finally, Sierra orders Lizalka to lick all the sweat from her delicate soles and suck on her toes to take care of any toejam stuck on them. Sierra continues mocking and insulting the slave girl as if she was not there and keeps taking photos to show her friends later on. What a cruel Princess!

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