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Gamer Girl Demands A Proper Foot Worship

Definition - 2160P
Length - 16:32


Today we bring you a new model. Her name is Tessa and she is one of the most beautiful girls around who possesses a strong dominant personality. She didn’t know she could control so many people easily by just using her feet. The idea of placing them in front of someone’s face so that she can make that person her own personal slave is fascinating for this gorgeous Princess. This is the case of Molly, a humble girl that got mesmerized by Tessa’s flawless face and asked if she could help her in anything she needed only to hang out with her. Once Tessa found out that Molly would do anything she pleases, she started devising several ways to humiliate her just to amuse herself. In this video, Tessa is a bit tired and would like to receive a proper foot worship session from Molly while she plays one of her favorite video games. She purposely has worn her sneakers for a very long time without changing her socks to increase the difficulty for the poor submissive girl. However, first Tessa wants to clean her sneakers before putting them back on her closet so she orders Molly to lick their dirty soles with a big cruel smile of satisfaction.

The slave girl tries her best to swallow all the dust and grime stuck on her Goddess’ sneakers while Tessa admires her devotion and teases her ruthlessly. After a while, Tessa wants her servant girl to inhale the stench emanating from her sweaty white socks so she commands Molly to take off her sneakers to bury her nose against them, without any concern by the fact they are stained with Tessa’s foot sweat. At the end, Molly removes her Goddess’ socks to worship Tessa’s precious bare soles and wipe up all the sweat and filth accumulated on them. Molly also sucks Tessa’s toes passionately following all her Princess’ whims. It seems like Tessa will have a lot of fun with her new obedient slave girl.

Today we bring you a new model. Her name is Tessa and she is one of the most beautiful girls around who...

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