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Length - 23:48 -
Definition - 1080P

German TikTok Girl Eva gets Tied Up!

Last week I was in the city center with a good friend and saw this girl randomly in a Starbucks Café. She was making TikToks with her girlfriend for a huge number of followers (10.000+). It was a very hot day, so she was wearing High Heels with jeans and a black t-shirt, which got instantly my attention. After some thinking, I was going to her table, where she was still making TikTok videos and asked if she would be down for a shooting with Tickling, Feet and Bondage. She was a bit confused and denied, but after some explanation she surprisingly agreed. Information: Eva is a 26-year-old girl which studies international business and is, like I heard, really successful and was already making some money in big company next to studying. She also is very active on TikTok with a huge number of followers.

In this Video: Eva is very thirsty and want to drink some water. Unfortunately, she is in handcuffs and cant get out. All the time she tries to break free, but the handcuffs are very tight and impossible to open! She started to sweat on her feet and armpits and gets more and more nervous.. After tied her up on the couch, she started to get desperate. She gets more and thirsty and starts to break free aggressively. The German TikTok Girl gets furious at the end and wasn’t very happy that for the first time in her life she is not in control of her own body anymore.

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