Girls Have Fun With Their Super Ticklish Feet : Lina and Loane Bundle



Length – 20:19- 720P

This is the final part of this wonderful day with Loane and Lina.
Girls were really curious to know which had the most ticklish feet so they decided to do the experience
and to tickle their super ticklish feet successively.
First Lina is immobilized with her extremely ticklish soles ready for the sadistic Loane.
Lina’s soles are very very sensitive and every touch makes her become crazy immediately.
Loane begins with a feather and she increases gradually the tickling all long the session with fingers, hairbrushes,
electric toothbrush and with the special tickle glove.
Lina loses all control of herself and she explodes in laughter at each new technique.
The FT tickler joins the actions during the last part for a really explosive final!

This is now Loane’s turn to have her sexy bare feet mercilessly tickled and the sadistic Lina
is really impatient to get her ticklish revenge on her friend.
As usual the FT Tickler shows her some techniques and he lets the girl to have fun.
You’ll see F/F and FM/F tickle torture to increase the punishment.
Loane is as ticklish as her friend and the revenge is great.
Enjoy this final part of our new super ticklish models.

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