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Length - 13:27 -
Definition - 720P

Gwenola Gets a Good Revenge on the Crazily Ticklish Alexa

This is now time for Gwenola to get a good revenge on her crazily ticklish friend Alexa.
She’s by far one of our most ticklish model ever and the fact that she’s immobilized face down makes her more
sensitive than usual.

Gwenola has so much fun with her hysterical friend because each touch on her body drives Alexa insane.
The FT Tickler shows some techniques to Gwenola but this clip is mostly F/F punishment.
Alexa is tickled silly on her sides, underarms, neck, legs and on her INSANELY TICKLISH FEET!

The girl is really pushed beyond her limits by her sadistic friend, till she really has no more energy to laugh.
By the way even if she’s too tired she continues to have insane reactions.
What a great tickle model!

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