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Harper’s Blackmailed Slave

Harper came to my place with her 18 year-old step-sister on that Friday afternoon, and I must admit that her step-sister is actually super sexy! Let’s hope she will make some videos with us anytime soon! We were all watching a movie on the couch, but at a certain time, I sit myself on the floor, and I was actually trying to catch a sniff on Harper’s step-sister socks! I was able to catch a few smell, without they notice anything about it. I was just dreaming about rubbing my nose in her step-sister’s socks, but that was just impossible to do it since Harper was in the room! Her step-sister was rubbing her feet so close to my face, while they were both watching the movie on the couch! She touches my nose and my mouth by accident at a certain time, and it seems like Harper noticed about that!


A few hours later, Harper told me that she saw me trying to catch a few sniff on her step-sister’s socks, and she wanted me to be punished for this! She brings me in another room, and makes me take her sneakers off, to completely cover my face with her sweaty black socks after she did a workout at the gym in the morning! Why are you trying to catch a few sniff on my step-sister’s feet? You don’t like the smell of my feet? What is the problem with you? She makes me take some deep breaths in her socks, and makes me lick the sweaty bottom of her socks too! Harper also makes me peel her socks off, and makes me sniff her sweaty naked feet! She makes me take some deep breaths in her feet, and makes me lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! It seems like she is planning to blackmail me, and makes me do a lots of things otherwise she will have to tell her step-sister about my foot fetish! She seems to really take advantage of that situation!

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