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Hebi’s tickle lesson at Hogwarts

Something strange happened. An owl delivered a letter inviting me to do a class at a very famous wizarding school. Wizards have classes to study people without magical powers, like me, and there’s an advanced program in this subject. The school asked me to share my passion so wizards could better understand us. So, I decided to give a lecture on the topic of tickling! I genuinely believe the best way to learn is by doing, so I took the initiative to give a presentation to the entire class. A lovely Slytherin student volunteered, and a kind Gryffindor student lent me his scarf to tie her up a bit. You’ve probably recognized Hebi with her wonderful reactions. If you’re a fan of this universe, I warn you, you’re on the verge of discovering what it’s like to gently remove the shoes of a beautiful Slytherin student and run a brush under her lovely and smelly socks and over her delicate soles covered in nylons… Who hasn’t dreamed of that? In this clip you will see :





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