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Helen thinks she isn’t ticklish she is convinced she can hold it in, but she will laugh! Part 1

Part 1. Helen thinks she isn’t ticklish, she is really convinced she can hold it in, but she will be tickled from head to toe (4K 3 cameras).  Helen knows we could use a nerve’s stimulation technique that may cause ticklish reactions; she is just convinced she is not ticklish. She is confident that she can withstand the torment, but she has never been tickled before…

In the first minutes she resists, then she tries to resist as much as she can, also to avoid losing all the prices and benefits.
We put as a written condition for all our patients that they must hold it in, because we really want to know the limit each girl can take. But she won’t last long, at the end we eventually break her. In the contract it is specified that we don’t allow safe words. We can’t stop the stress test, this is a experimental video that includes tickling.

If you watch this video on a mobile or on a PC, use headphones and you will see the difference… you will appreciate the charm of a real immersive experience!

To appreciate the benefits of the three-dimensional immersive surround sound (if you do not have a Home Theater System or a Soundbar), watch this video with headphones. With headphones you will appreciate the separation of the Right channel and Left channel, obtained with 4 different separate microphones. Recorded with 3 different cameras!

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