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Hippie Flower Girl Tied And Tickled *Guys, do you really have to tie me ?*


Length - 06:28
- 1080P -
Published 26 January, 2022

As we are all minding our own business, suddenly, a knock on the door.

I am going to see who it is, maybe someone called the police on us?
if I was leaving next door to where we shoot, I’m sure that I was thinking that something is really wrong there.
beautiful girls come in all day long and scream their ass out. disturbing… isn’t it?
anyhow, I open the door, expecting the police, or a mad neighbor, but instead, I see a tall blond hippie standing right in front of me.
we didn’t have anyone scheduled for this time slot, so i wasn’t expecting anyone.

So this girl, named TIA, standing in our entrance, wearing this super sexy belly shirt white short skirt with flowers on it, has flowers in her hair, and cool pricing in her septum.
I felt like we got a visit from Woodstock…
and she says HI! I’m Tia. my friend told me that you shoot some clips here. I think I’m ticklish, and this sounds cool. can I try?
can you imagine the look on my face at that exact moment?

So, what did we do?
we said SURE! com in! and we got her ass tied up to our bed, and tickled her EVERYWHERE on her ticklish body for one hour plus!
in this first clip, Adeline starts checking how ticklish this little hippie really is.
as you know me, I couldn’t just wait and had to stick my hand out and feel this ticklish hippie with my own hands as well.
and I must say. this is one fun hippie to tickle.

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