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Honey reaver — I want to tickle your body

The secretive criminal followed his victim. Pretty Christie sat in front of the mirror and powdered herself. What sweet legs she has, he thought. “And the body is so good that I want to torture him.”
After waiting for an opportune moment, he crept up to the girl and grabbed her.
Well. Now they are in his domain. He undresses her. She is wearing a dress. He lays it down on the table. Got to rip it – he rips it in half.
“I will enjoy your body,” he said – and began. Christie lay in her underwear and was at his mercy. He began to tickle her belly and sides. She was most afraid of this.
The criminal had a non-standard idea of ​​torture – he took a fork and began to drive it over her body. She was tickled.

Then he took an ice cube and dissolved it on her body. The girl was acutely aware of such torture. He started tickling the wet Christy and then with his tongue reached the bottom of her belly, driving her into a frenzy (into agony.)
Now he was going to smear her with honey – he thought that tickling a sweet girl would be more pleasant. Honey flowed sexually down her belly and he began to lick it off her, smacking and tickling her body.

The honey criminal admired his idea and licked and tickled it.
Now there was a torture for her feet – they were very dirty and he wanted to lick them and tickle them with his tongue – it was her very tender part of the body.
After tickling licks, he also poured honey on her feet and licked and tickled and again licked and tickled the sweet honey legs with his hands.

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