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I Asked for an Extremely Ticklish Girl for Christmas : Part 01 - Foot Tickling

Length - 18:22
- 720P -
Published 28 December, 2021

I contacted Santa for Christmas and I asked him for a very beautiful girl with EXTREMELY TICKLISH FEET.
I must have been wise enough this year because he sent a magnificent brunette by saying me that she were exactly what I expected.
What an incredible surprise when I discovered her on my sofa!
I immediately removed her sexy boots and began to tickle her socked feet.

Wow she reacted immediately with a wonderful laughter who announce a magic tickle night with her.
After a few tickles with her socks on I removed them and I tickled her perfect bare feet with feathers, fingers and different tickle tools.
The beauty exploded in laughter all long her first tickling session and she seemed to enjoy being the tickler’s present.

By the way I licked and sucked her deliciously ticklish soles and toes to increase the pleasure.
Santa is a generous man and once again he fulfilled more than I expected with this gorgeous beauty and her incredibly ticklish feet.

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