Insanely ticklish very big feet of Anastasia

Length – 23:51 – 1080 P

I invited Anastasia to this shoot knowing how much ticklish she is.
She is fixed in stocks with bare feet looking at the camera. All her toes are tied. My partner and I sit down next to her large feet, each taking one of her feet.
To be honest, her reaction to tickling with an ordinary feather stunned us! Anastasia has very sensitive feet.

I especially like the contrast – a large and tall girl with big feet on one side, and such a strong tickling at the slightest touch on her heel, on the other. The slightest touch to her sole makes her burst into laughter. We went further and didn’t limit ourselves to just a feather, using electric toothbrushes, combs, and our own hands. We tickle her feet intensely, our stocks are clearly shocked by such pressure from the ticklee.
It was super, we are amazed. Anastasia simply has to be heavily tickled in the future. Enjoy!

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