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Instagram model Emily – 19 years old and extremely ticklish !

Definition - 1080P
Length - 27:29


WOW, WOW, WOW! For our next girl, I am honestly speechless. I was seeing her during the lunch break in my university. Beautiful face, awesome figure and dressed up extremely well. Can I introduce you? Emily, 19 years old, over 30,000 Instagram follower and overall, basically your dream girl! When I saw her, I instantly said to our tickler Lisa that we have to convince her for a session. And what can I say, guys? We did it! And let me say, Emily had no idea what she gets into… Lisa is, unlike the previous models, a very confident girl. I had the feeling she was raised like daddy’s little princess.

But like all very confident girls, she has a weakness – she is unbelievably ticklish on her feet and especially under her armpits! I was stunned when she really entered our apartment, she was looking so beautiful. Lisa said to me, “I really want to tickle her really hard. I don’t like her princess behavior.” Said and done – Lisa switched from slow and sensual tickling to heavily tickling very fast and her new long black nails let Emily suffer! Emily started to get nervous and I recognized that she is sweating really much under her armpits. But also, SHE WAS SWEATING ON HER SOLES so much that I even could see it behind the camera. I couldn’t believe it, this girl had sweaty feet from nervousness after 5 min? When Lisa tickled her armpits, I was tickling her feet as well with one hand and it’s true her soles were really wet.

That was making her cute little soles even more ticklish! This girl was completely exhausted after the session. And the end of the video I was saying the session is over but let the camera still recording. You can clearly see how she has to recover from Lisa’s black long nails and 27 min of constantly getting tickled! If you are a tickle fan, you can’t miss seeing the 19 year old Instagram model getting tickled silly. Lisa and I got her bad! If you are seriously interested, you can send me a custom request for Emily. I try to convince her, but I can’t promise anything.

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