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Kelly got stuck in the arms of strangers and trying to get out but falls into a ticklish trap

By Dero

Kelly walked around the room where a man was lying down but didn’t notice him. She was looking for something important.
Suddenly, the man grabbed Kelly by her ankles tightly. She tried to escape, but no chance. Another figure suddenly approached Kelly from behind and grabbed her hands. Kelly almost fell, but she held on. In the end, she managed to get out, lost one shoe and ran away.
When she returned back, she went to the bed and found the right book there. But then a few hands grabbed her from under the bed and began to hold her. Kelly fought back again. Finally, they dragged her under the bed… (11 minutes).

Kelly woke up tied in a spread eagle on the bed. With bare tits and wearing short shorts, she was extremely vulnerable to being tickled (and this is her main fear). Realizing this, Kelly began to get out. But it was in vain.
Kelly was doomed for a long tickle on her very ticklish sides and belly. She will scream and moan. And two strangers (Dero and Dark Ariel), will tickle her and bite her feet and belly

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