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Iraida’s sweet armpits tickling and wide stretch in stocks

Sweet Iraida returns to us in a new long clip. She enters the room wearing heels and sits to read a book. She slowly shake her feet. Suddenly she gets overtaken by a man.
Now she’s standing tied to a metal beam. She looks sexy in her tank top and leggings. Her armpits is so sexy and starts tickling them and her ribs as well. Iraida laughs and wiggles. Then he starts biting her sides and armpits. Iraida clomps and gasps whith laughter.

Next he takes each of her feet and removes her heels. Then tickles each her feet by turn. Next close up view of feet tickling while she’s on tiptoes.
After that the abducor changes her position. Iraida sits with her back in front of the camera and he tickles her hanging feet.
The last pose for Iraida – stocks with her legs wide open. The abuctor tickles her using an oil and other devices for tickling. Her feet are pulled back and big toes are tied.


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