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Jennie & Alisee Have Tickle Fun : Full Session

Alisee and Jennie have decided to tickle them each other on their extremely ticklish bare feet. Both girls are merciless and hysterical and this session is absolutely wonderful. They use fingers, hairbrushes and tickling gloves to get the most explosive reactions. For the last three minutes of the clip the girls are tickled by two ticklers while they continue to tickle them each other. This is a real tickling orgy with two crazy girls!

The Tickling orgy continues with the hysterical Alisee & Jennie. Both girls are tickled together by two guy on their upperbody for the first half of the clip and on their insanely ticklish bare feet for the second part. You will see numerous incredible explosions of laughters with insane reactions here and it is so fun to watch two beautiful girls who lose control together. Every inch of their sexy bodies are ultra ticklish and the guys have the maximum fun with these wonderful super ticklish dolls.

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