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Jordan & Presley’s Feet After Work

Jordan and Presley love to rest their precious feet after a long day at work with their high heels shoes on and it seems like there is nothing like a human face to rest their feet! Presley is the first one to take her shoes off and completely cover this loser face with her sweaty nylon feet! She seems to love the feeling of having a human face under her smelly feet! Jordan is also curious to discover his reaction so she also takes her shoes off to smother his face with her smelly nylon feet!

It is not easy to work as a flight attendant so they really needed and deserve this foot stool under their feet! They both take pleasure to rub their sweaty feet all over his face and make him stick his tongue out to lick the filthy bottom of their nylon soles! Presley is also curious to know how deep he can take her foot into his mouth just for her own personal pleasure! They both also want to compare the smell of their shoes on his nose but it seems like this loser can’t talk so it’s not easy to have an answer! Very Hot Clip Alert!

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