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Definition - 1080P
Length - 16:29

Kannika’s Sweaty Feet Contact

Kannika is another 18 year old dreamgirl that I met on my recent trip to Bangkok in Thailand, and it seems like she was more then ready to explore our foot fetish world! I told her that it would really turn me on to give her a nice foot massage after one of her long working day since she is working all day long under the sun, so she told me that she would also love to have a nice foot massage after one of her long working day! She was a little shy when we first had discussed about it, because she usually have very smelly feet after work, so I just told her that it would really not bother, even if her socks and feet would smell really strong! When she realized that smelly feet also actually turns me on after visiting my website, she had decided to wear the same pair of white socks for a few days, just to experiment something new! Just to make it a little spicy, I told her that I would give her ten minutes of foot massage for every consecutive days that she would work with her white socks, so she said that she would surely wear them for about ten days, just to have a nice and long foot massage that would last for a minimum of an hour and a half!


Kannika came to my place at the end of a Friday afternoon, after a ten hours working shift, and she told me that i would probably not be able to deal with her sweaty socks and feet on my face for even a minute, just because her feet are actually super hot inside her sneakers, and probably too smelly to make some videos! I told her that I am a little use to it, and that it’s part of the game, so she was more than ready to have her foot massage! We both lay down on the couch, in a perfect position where I would have her feet on my face, and she said that it’s now the time to take her sneakers off, to give some fresh air to her socks! I slowly take her sneakers off, then she immediatly covered my face with her sweaty white socks! That was for sure one of the strongest smell ever! Her socks were just a little wet from her sweat, and the smell was so intense! That was just sick! She starts rubbing her sweaty socks on my face with her cute smile, and makes me lick the sweaty bottom of her socks too! I was just in heaven! Kannika realized at a certain point that my cock was hard like a baseball bat right in between her legs, so to my big surprise, she starts rubbing one of her foot on my cock, while I was sniffing her other foot! I was just so excited!


Kannika also makes me sniff the inside of her sneakers, and hold them on my face very well with her feet, before she makes me peel her socks off with my teeth, and just pushes them inside my mouth with her toes to give them a little wash! It seems like I will now have the honor to sniff her sweaty naked feet! It was such about time! They were so soft, but the smell was so strong! she makes me take some deep breaths in her feet, and again, she seems to starts rubbing her feet on my cock! I was just so hard, and in that position, that was just not possible to hide it! She makes me take some deep breaths in her feet, and makes me lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! That was for sure one of the most intense foot smelling and foot worship session on my last trip to Bangkok! Kannika is actually foot size five, very small feet, and the complete version of this clip is actually one hour, and twenty eight minutes! This is for sure one of the longest clip on our studio, with probably the smelliest feet ever too! I just hope you will like this girl and this clip as much as I do! For sure I will have to go back to Bangkok in Thailand some day, just to have another long and very intense session with this lovely Kannika!

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