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Karla’s Cheating Operation

Karla came to visit me during the holidays, so we can just chill and watch a movie together, and it seems like she was also totally in a mood for a nice foot massage after a long working day! She has been working all day long with her nylon feet inside her high heel shoes, so I told her that I would be more than happy to give her a nice foot massage, since her boyfriend never wants to touch her feet after work, or pay any attention to her feet. I won’t blame him. Her feet are so sweaty, and so stinky after a long working day! Karla makes me take her high heel shoes off, then starts rubbing her feet around my cock by accident! It seems like she totally knows how to get a nice foot massage! Her phone is actually ringing and interrupting, and it seems like it was her boyfriend! She totally lies to her boyfriend by telling him that she was actually working, but she was just relaxing and watching a movie, while rubbing her sweaty nylon feet on my cock at the same time! She explains to her boyfriend how hard she is working, and how bad she would need a nice foot massage.

All this while rubbing her sweaty nylon feet on my hard cock! That was such a cheat! I had to wait to give her a foot massage since she was actually on the phone, but my cock was actually so hard, that it came out of my pants by itself! Karla keeps talking about her feet to her boyfriend on the phone, while rubbing her sweaty nylon feet on my hard cock at the same time, and it seems like she is almost giving me a footjob without really paying attention to it! I was just so hard, and she was just smiling to me while talking on the phone with her boyfriend, so I think I was just about to cum right on her sweaty nylon feet! After her phone call, the way she was rubbing her feet on my cock was getting a little more intense, but just when I was about to cum on her feet, she gets another phone call by her boyfriend! She just left me there, all alone in the couch. That was such a tease! Another Very Hot Clip Alert!

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