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Karla’s Seduction

Definition - 1080P
Length - 20:58


Karla was all alone in the waiting room when I came to renew my driver’s license, and it seems like she was already waiting there for over an hour. I took that seat right in front of her, and it seems like I will also have to wait for a long time! She was reading her book, and I really had nothing to do, so I was kind of watching her boots, and just imagine about how her feet could be hot in those boots. She starts to put her feet on the table, then politely asks me if she could put on of her foot on my chair. I really had no problem with it.

Karla was really tired to wait, so she also politely asks me if I could take her boots off to give some fresh air to her feet, and if the smell of her socks would bother me, so I had to take her boots off, and catch a smell of her socks, to tell her that there is really no problem at all with the smell of her feet, but that was a lie. They were so smelly, and so stinky! I accidentally rub my cock on one of her foot when I catch a little smell on her socks, so I bet she could feel how hard it was!


Karla actually puts both of her feet on top of my chair, and it seems like they were right on top of my cock for now! I was so hard, and that was almost impossible to hide for now, so she starts rubbing both of her socked feet on my cock! She asked me with her cute smile if it bothers me, so I told her again that there is really no problem at all! That was so exciting! She could not really see what was going on under the table, so i took my cock out of my pants without she knew, so she was now rubbing her socked feet right on my cock! She asked me a few times if it bothers me with her cute smile, so I bet she totally knew what she was doing! Karla also asks me to take her socks off, then she starts rubbing her sweaty naked feet on my cock! The waiting room was kind of empty, so nobody could see us! I was so hard, and I was just about to cum, when somebody comes in the room, and Karla needed to go to renew her driver’s license! That was such a dream, but such a tease at the same time!

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