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Length - 18:47 -
Definition - 1080P

Kelly And Aksinja – My new girlfriend loves to slobber and lick my toes and tickle my big feet

By Dero

Aksinja is tied up on a bench and her feet in heels are locked in stocks.
Kelly is Aksinja’s new girlfriend who loves to lick her feet and of course, can’t resist tickling her friend.
She starts teasing her and tickling her armpits and then takes Aksinja’s T-shirt off to tickle her beautiful breasts and sides.

Kelly then moves to her friend’s feet, removes her heels, and enjoys these big feet. Smacking, she sucks her toes and licks her soles. Then she tickles them, and Aksinja yells, laughs, and screams, “Nooo, don’t tickle me!”

Kelly worships her friend’s feet in various ways and tickles them even more.
In the end, she tickles already exhausted Aksinja again, over her sides and ribs, and then switches to her sensitive feet, actively tickling them with her nails.

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