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Kelly’s divine Belly & Belly Button – Lisenok licks her belly and massages her

Kelly came to rest on a sofa in a black tracksuit. She lifted her jacket and began stroking her belly and leading over her breasts. Her flat, unmatched belly was very sexy and she was aroused by these strokes. She massaged her belly and played with her finger around her navel. She closed her eyes with pleasure…

A little later, her friend Lisenok came to her and began to gently massage Kelly’s navel with her fingers. Kelly began to moan. Lisenok began to caress her belly and gently kiss and lick her navel. Kelly went crazy and rolled her eyes with pleasure. Lisenok took a feather and touched the edge of the navel with its tip, and then tickled the whole belly, and Kelly smiled tenderly. Then Lisenok applied a Wartenberg’s pinwheel on her friend’s tanned belly, she really liked it.

Then Kelly went to the mattress and bent over backward arching her stomach, while Lisenok continued to lick her navel with pleasure. Then she rubbed her navel with her finger again. At the end, Kelly laid on her back, but without stopping to arch her stomach forward in a perfect arc.

Lisenok enjoyed the beautiful belly and at took a effervescent pill and put it in the navel, added water there and licked it with the tip of her tongue. Then she turned her friend on her side and continued to actively massage the navel. Then she took off her T-shirt and ran her nipple up over her friend’s navel causing a flurry of deep breaths.

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