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Krelly got into trouble – Tickling financial adviser for burning my money

By John. Made by request

According to the plot of this clip, Krelly is a financial consultant. Imagine, she recommended that I invest a lot of money by buying Bitcoin, talking and reasoning about my future wealth, vividly describing all those castles, supercars, and yachts that I would soon be able to afford. And guess what happened next? Well, Bitcoin crashed, and along with it, a significant portion of my finances.

So, Krelly, I need to have a very serious conversation with you about this, and you won’t get away with just a scandal. I will channel all my anger into tickling, and now you’re trapped in stocks, wearing expensive suits and shoes. I wonder where you got the money for this whole attire? Anyway, it doesn’t matter. My investment based on your recommendation went up in smoke, but I won’t be left with nothing. I will take my revenge by tickling your bare and very sensitive soles. Tremble, you bad girl 🙂 Enjoy!

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