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Definition - 1080P
Length - 19:28

Kung-Foot: Game of Laughter!

CLASSIC RE-RELEASE! Order of Light Agent Sahrye tracks down a renegade martial artist who has closed a local school … by beating everyone in it, single-handedly!  Though her mentor, Gold Dragon, has advised it, Sahrye thinks she’s ready for anything!  When she arrives on the scene, she discovers a giantess of a woman (Mikayla Miles) waiting for her!

The 6′ 4″ Amazon and her massive hands and feet are too much for Sahrye’s fighting techniques, so the feisty Latina must de-feet her through tickle trickery!  Master Mikayla discovers that her powerful scissorhold can be broken, by way of her unbearably ticklish feet and Sahrye wins the day!

But now, Master Mikayla must atone for her insult to this school and its master.  Sahrye straps the sexy, statuesque fighter into the stocks for some foot-tickling discipline!  Long, sharp fingernails, on tiny hands reduce the mighty martial arts mistress to a shrieking, thrashing, cackling mess!  Her hair whips about and her long, flexible toes wriggle wildly as she’s consumed in a cackling fit!

Master Mikayla doesn’t want to make reparations, but her huge, tickle-agonized feet just can’t take it as fingernails, brushes, a steel chopstick, oil and steel claw render her powerless to her own laughter!  Can Agent Sahrye break her titan ic, ticklish foe?  Find out now, in this martial arts movie parody, starring two of the best in the business!

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