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Lara Says : I Love to Have My Feet Tickled, Please More!

The insanely ticklish Lara is immobilized face down and tickled on her upperbody and on her ultra ticklish
helpless bare soles and toes.
This clip is mostly bare feet tickling punishment, you’ll see only one minute of upperbody tickling so
bare feet tickling lovers will love this one.

Lara says how she loves to have her feet tickled and she asks the tickler for more punishment on her extremities.
This girl has really some of the most ticklish feet we have tickled and she loses all control of herself each time
the guy put his fingers and a tickle tool on them.
Lara bursts out with uncontrollable laughter and her reactions are a pure delight to watch and to ear.
Look at her face and you will see how she suffers even if she loves it at the same time.
This is really an excellent session for all bare feet tickling lovers.

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