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Last Laugh Isa 1

Definition - 1080P
Length - 07:01


Jade’s ankles are locked in my horizontal stocks, feet straight up. Quite a helpless position that allows easy access to her feet. Her friends Frederique and Nicky peel off her goofy socks (they have “Left Foot” and “Right Foot” written on the soles and are worn on the wrong feet). They waste little time digging in. Through her laughter, Jade comments on how intense it is for her and how being unable to do anything to escape the tickling is driving her insane.

She threatens her friends with ticklish retaliation, but that doesn’t help her case at all. As if she wasn’t helpless enough, leather cuffs are added to her big toes a couple of minutes later to limit her movements even further. This is especially useful for when Frederique and Nicky add some oral tickling to Jade’s ordeal, licking and nibbling her toes.

Jade: 20, 5’7″, size 8.5
Frederique: 19, 5’5″, size 8.5
Nicky: 22, 5’9″, size 8

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