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Laugh Til You Drool – Ama Rio

tunning Ama Rio has many assets, beautiful, great personality, fun to be around and well, horribly ticklish.

Yes really.

No I mean…. REALLY. I don’t think I’ve worked with anyone who hates it quite like she does. After 2 days of shooting, I just had to try to make it utterly horrible. Ok maybe not HAD but I did.

Mummifying her from neck to ankles, layered with straps, I insert a ballgag, then bind her long hair back to her ankles.

I recently bought these vibrating cock rings, just for the right person, in the right situation. This was it!

Looping them to her big toes, I leave them to do their work, at least for a little bit. A very. Little bit because I retrieve a pair of bullet vibes then tape those to her soles. Every time she has a fit of laughter she pulls her feet away, causing her Hairtie to kick in and jerk her head backward. It doesn’t take long until the drool is flowing heavy!

Still not good enough. My vibrating feather arrives for a bit, then I jam a vibrating toothbrush on top of everything else, but wedges between her helpless soles,causing more havoc!

Tiring of this, I know I can do better!

I remind her I’m kind, by removing everything and giving her a massage with ….oil.

Nothing wrong there right? Innocent. Nice… comfy.

I assure her the black gloves aren’t arriving by placing them in front of her face.

…then immediately return with my rubber tipped scalp brush for her well oiled feet, and attacking with everything I had!

She gets a short rest…but my sadistic streak only gets worse.

Those gloves I placed in front of her face? I put them on while she watched, knowing what was coming next.

The longest 40 seconds of her life.

The horror ends, and I take her gag off, then ask her how everything was, and she gave VERY honest feedback. I hope I didn’t scare her off!

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