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Length - 17:22 -
Definition - 1080P

Laughter & Order! Pt. 13: Soles and Schemes!

Councilwoman Cheri Chase (Indica) thinks she can help Ticklante fight crime! She goes after High Steppers gang enforcer, Stella the Stiletto (Brooke) to prove it. Stella takes her seriously enough to attack her with with a very dangerous pair of stiletto-heeled (and stiletto-TOED) shoes!

The fight becomes a tickle fight, when Chase takes off one of Stella’s shoes and goes after the villainess’ tender, nylon-clad sole! Stella’s a tough fighter, but tickling is too much for her! Soon, Councilwoman Chase is victorious and Stella is tied for a tickle-interrogation!

Stella’s terribly ticklish nylon tootsies won’t allow her to hold out on info … especially when the councilwoman nibble-tickles them, feasting on her sweaty toes and warm, vulnerable soles! Stella’s howls and cackles as she thrashes in a toe-squirming, sole-scrunching tickle fit! Chase wants to know where Stella’s boss is and Stella’s tickle-beaten will can’t help but cooperate! What does Stella know? This vid is a lead-in to the upcoming Ticklante “movie”, ANGEL OF LAUGHTER! Find out now! (1080) Sale priced til Sunday, Dec. 1st.

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