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Leather Ankle Cuffs

Handmade here in Sheffield our leather gear made to last! Made using 2 inch wide strips of 3.8mm – 4mm full grain leather and marine grade hardware these are the absolute strongest, toughest and most durable peices of bondage equipment we can make!

We also give you the option of how you want the leather tanned! May even be able to do different colours too if you ask nicely 😉

Oil tanning makes the leather extremely supple without sacrificing any strength, it’s oftern used for things like motorbike jackets for this reason. This makes the cuffs perfect for long play sessions, going to clubs and especially for sleeping in while still been able to withstand anything you throw at it!

Veg tanned leather on the other hand is firm and incredibly resilient! It has the same distinct feel as a heavy leather belt. It holds it’s shape making for restraints that are solid, unforgiving and is very intimidating to wear. I love it for all these reasons, where as the oil tanned leather is comfortable and a pleasure to wear this feels very much at home in a dungeon! Perfect for putting your slave in their place 😉

If your not sure which to pick I’d personally recommend the oil tanned restraints if your new to bondage or if you just really want to use it on a regular basis, they are incredibly comfortable even during heavy use so you can wear it all day long! The veg tanned leather however really does hold it’s own when putting a sub deep into their mindset for intense sessions, once you feel these restraints being put on you know your not going anywhere!

To order simply select one of the options above, tell us what size neck we are making it for and let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything specific you would like doing!

Thank you and enjoy! 🖤🖤🖤


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