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Leya in a straightjacket – Uncompromising feet tickling in stocks by two ticklers

By John

Well, adorable Leya is barefoot and bound in a straitjacket. She’s sitting on a bench, and her feet are locked in stocks. Today she will experience intense tickling of her delicate bare soles by two ticklers using a large number of devices.

The clip can be divided into three parts. In the first part, Leia’s eyes are covered with a leather mask, and she has a big ballgag in her mouth. In the second part, the mask and the gag are removed, and in the third part, the ballgag is put back on.

Throughout these parts, I and my friend tickle out all the laughter and squeals from her, and it seems like we’re doing a good job at it 🙂 Leya’s reaction is adorable and genuine. Enjoy!

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