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Lick Our Stinky Feet! Suck Our Sweaty Toes! Lizalka


Length - 21:37
- 1080P -
Published 26 April, 2022

Two new models – Paige and Claudia! These girls are best friends. They humiliate lesbian slave Lizalka. First, girls make slave Lizalka to lick their dirty and well worn sneakers. Poor lesbian Lizalka licks dirty soles of sneakers and sniff them inside. Paige and Claudia don’t wear socks, so the smell is very strong. Then the girls are to lick their sweaty unwashed feet. Paige has very ticklish soles, so she is constantly laughing out loud

The girls very rudely insult the slave, and she really hurt to listen to it. Girls on the contrary is very fun to humiliate slave Lizalka. Also girls take photos and video on their phones, “We will show it to everyone, you will be popular ugly foot bitch!” They laugh a lot and discuss what a pathetic foot bitch licks their feet, “Lizalka, you really disgusting scumAll you can do in your miserable life is to lick dirty feet! This is your job until the end of life! We despise you, stupid toesucker bitch!” (FullHD Version)

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