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Licking Leila’s Sweaty Feet Is An Honor

Definition - 2160P
Length - 17:09


Goddess Leila has decided that the best way to relax after a long training session is to have her sore feet massaged and pampered. She doesn’t want a regular massage, though. Her feet are very sweaty, stinky and filthy so they need a proper cleaning at the same time.

Therefore, once she gets home, Leila feels very creative and tells Lizalka, her little slave girl, that she will do two tasks for her Mistress. Lizalka will have to give Leila a special foot massage and she will also clean her sneakers. However, using only her tongue and being blindfolded. Leila her slave girl to do such a humiliating job because she also wants to have a good laugh, and watching Lizalka eating all the dirt and sweat from her feet is the best fun she could have. The slave girl starts licking Leila’s sneakers trying to satisfy her Goddess which makes Leila smirk cruelly several times.

Leila is thrilled to see Lizalka’s tongue removing all the dirt on her soles while the slave girl thanks her for the honor. Then Leila commands Lizalka to remove her sneakers to lick and smell her insoles which are all stained with foot sweat. Indeed, they have been worn for so much time. Afterward, Leila wants her slave girl to deal with her stinky socks. If you were in that room, you could feel the strong smell emanating from those socks from some meters away. Lizalka buries her face in Leila’s socks while Leila insults and mocks her. The slave girl kisses those nasty socks as well. Finally, Lizalka takes off Leila’s socks to sniff and worship her Goddess’ gorgeous bare feet. She covers every centimeter of Leila’s soles and toes with her saliva while the Mistress takes pleasure in being treated like royalty.

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