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Lickle – Kylie Moone Double Teamed !

Smoking hot Kylie Moone gets it AGAIN. Her first Lickle vids (you DID see them right?) went over so well, I had to top it. Not just by doing a third, but by having myself warm her up in the first five minutes, then turning her over to hottie Ayla Jae to finish her off for the remaining 15 or so.

Taped up with electrical bands, hair tied, and ball gagged, poor Kylie gets a blast from me after initially saying, ‘fuck you’ and then calling me a ‘little bitch’! Probably not the best position to do that in?

I lock her in with. My knees then get to work. Fingers, the shocker, and then my tongue. She even absorbs some upper body action 🙂

Like i said, I only went at her for about 5 mins, then I get myself outta the way for Ayla to take over.  She uses tools for a little bit but Kylie HATES a tongue hitting her toes. Hates it to the point we had her laughing, gasping, and drooling onto the floor.

All that and shes still set to come back again soon – one of the best!

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