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Length - 23:05 -
Definition - 1080P

Lilith And Dave Play A Game

We’re welcoming Lilith to our group! Lilith is a friend who I haven’t seen since high school. She’s moved around some, and happened to be in the area. I told her about my side business and she thought it would be fun to make some money while traveling. This clip is a bit different than our others. Since we haven’t seen each other in many MANY years, we decided to play a game with it, and whoever lost, was the firsts one to get tied up and tickled.

The game was that we had string tied to ourselves, and the goal was to try to pull the string off of each other. If you lose one, you have lose a piece of clothing, and whoever lost all of it, got tied up and tickled. The banter in the video is real between us, and I thought it would be fun to leave in the dialogue between the match outcome and the tickling, while the loser was getting tied up (Spoiler alert: I was the loser).

It’s got some fun taunting and teasing along with tickling Dave all over in this video, and is a great warmup to the future videos of Lilith coming soon!

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