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“Lisa, you are such a b****!” No time to breathe for ticklish Sophie !

Definition - 1080P
Length - 19:55


Sophie is back! Last time her little sister Lisa was tickling her super soft feet in our Tickle-Chair, but this time we went one step further! As the most of you already saw from our previous video, Sophie has super ticklish armpits which are starting to sweat very, very fast. Lisa and I were noticing this at the last shooting!   That’s why we wanted to take advantage of her weakness, so we tied her with her hands up to my living room door. Good idea? Ohhhh yes! Lisa didn’t waste any second and started to be mean to her older sister.

Last time I noticed that there was rivalry going on between these two sisters, but this time… Lisa got her bad! The long nails of the 18 year old girl are the perfect weapon for Sophie’s super sensitive armpits. She started laughing uncontrollably and it seems like Lisa had her fun! During the session, Sophie had to stand constantly on her toes because the cuffs for her hands were fixed very high up on our door. The way she moves her feet and toes during the tickling looks super hot! As you can see from the thumbnail, the tickling was so intense for Sophie that her tears were coming a bit! At the end, Lisa also tickled Sophie’s super soft soles. In this clip, there is something for everyone! 70% Armpit Tickling / 30% Feet Tickling Sophie is available for customs!

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