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Definition - 720P
Length - 11:29

Livia Gets Her Revenge on the Hysterical Stella

This is now time for Livia to get her revenge on the 20 years old Stella. These girls are no friends for nothing because Stella is as ticklish as Livia and even if she’s super ticklish everywhere her soles are her weak point too. Livia is impatient to give exactly what she endured a few minutes ago and she is absolutely merciless with the poor helpless Stella who is tickled by Livia and by the FT tickler. The punishment is really intolerable at some moments especially with the hairbrushes on her soft soles. She bursts out with uncontrollable screams and laughter but the punishment does not stop. Stella can’t move at all, she has no chance to defend from tickling and you’ll see on her face at which point she suffers the experience!

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