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London’s Stinky Feet After Party

Definition - 1080P
Length - 09:26


London told me so many times about how stinky her feet are after she has been partying all night, so at a certain point, it was becoming such a tease, that we had to make a video about this! That was the night of her staff party, so she had her shoes on at 7h am in the morning, she has been working all day long, then went to her staff party after that! Around 2h am on that night, she send me a text message to tell me that her staff party was actually boring, so she asked me if she could come to my home to make a video, after her lovely nylon feet have been marinating inside her shoes for 19 hours straight! Twenty hours actually, since she took about an hour to come to my place.

I was so excited about this video! London makes me lay down on the floor, right in front of the TV, and starts teasing me with her shoes on, before she makes me take them off to completely cover my face with her sweaty nylon feet! That was something! The smell was so intense, and they were so sweaty! Her nylon feet were almost all wet from her sweat! She takes pleasure to rub them all over my face, with her cruel smile of satisfaction, and makes me take some deep breaths in her feet! I was not so sure about licking her feet at this time, since they were so sweaty, and so stinky, but I just had no choice to do it since she asked me to do it! I would never want to disappoint her, so I just had no choice to obey! They were actually extra tasty, and it seems like it really turned me on! She makes me lick, and lick her feet again, and just laughs at my loser face at the same time! It seems like she totally loves to humiliate me! That one was very intense, but it was fun!

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