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Lucile’s Soft Feet Are as Ticklish as They Are Cute

Definition - 720P
Length - 14:03


We meet Lucile a few time ago and we asked her if she would be interested by a fun and original experience.
She was intrigued but very interested by our tickling fantasy and she told us she had extremely ticklish feet and that
she enjoyed to be tickled.
What a great new for us so we asked her if she would be agree to be tied and tickled and she accepted the challenge.
The session begins with a short interview in french language with english subtitles and after that she’s immobilized with
her soles up and ready.

Wow Luciles’s soft soles are a tickler’s dream because they are as ticklish as they’re cute and they’re sensitive to every techniques.
Her skin is so ticklish that feathers work perfectly and fingers and brushes make her laughing crazy from the beginning to the end
of her punishment.

She cracks up completely under tickling and she bursts out with uncontrollable laughter when the electric toothbrushes,
the hairbrushes and the gloves run on her soles and toes.

Lucile has no chance to defend from tickling but she loves this situation even if it drives her crazy.
Another young sexy student with ultra ticklish feet tormented without mercy for your and her pleasure.

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