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Lydia gives interview before six-hands tickling

By Dero

This time, Lydia gives an interview and answers the most ticklish questions (in English).
During the answers, she gets tickled by two masked girls (Lada and Liana). The warm-up before the main tickling was wonderful and Lydia began to prepare for the shoot.
She took off her T-shirt and lay down on a bench where we began to fix Lydia. Her legs were placed in stocks, and the hands were put into an armbinder.

Then the girls tied each toe on Lydia’s feet and then began to tease her a little by tickling her feet. Lydia was already laughing, before the real tickling began.
When the tickling began, Lada was at Lydia’s feet and tickled her gently with her nails, and Liana tickled her armpits. Later, I joined them and the three of us began to tickle poor Lydia.
A little later, after giving her some rest, we put a blindfold on Lydia and covered her mouth with a muzzle. Then we began to actively tickle Lydia again, sometimes changing places.

When the tickling ended Lydia could barely catch her breath.
But there is a bonus in the end – while Lydia’s hands were untied, Liana began to tickle her beautiful feet again. Lydia could not stand it, she rubbed her eyes from the spreading mascara and began to untie her toes by herself…

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