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Lydia vs Kelly – Tickling upper body and feet with oil on the bench

By Dero

Tonight we’re presenting a tickling showdown between two beautiful girls, Kelly and Lydia. The girls will be in the same positions, taking turns tickling each other on the bench. They will be tightly bound by their arms and legs, and their thighs and knees will also be in leather cuffs. They will be wearing shoes on their feet at the beginning.

Part 1. Lydia is a ticklee
Kelly lightly tickles Lydia and then moves to her feet, removing her shoes and socks and gently tickling Lydia’s soft heels. But Kelly can’t wait to lick Lydia’s beautiful feet and starts biting her delicate toes, making Lydia burst into laughter.
Kelly gets comfortable and continues to nibble on her feet, tickling them with her tongue. Now she moves to Lydia’s upper body, tickling her armpits and sides while Lydia laughs non-stop.

Part 2. Kelly is a ticklee
The girls switch places, and Lydia takes on the role of the tickler for the first time. She heads towards Kelly’s feet to remove her white boots. Kelly’s bare feet are very tempting, and Lydia gently tickles her legs before oiling them up and continuing. Then Lydia sits on top of Kelly’s feet and tickles her big feet more vigorously.

Later, Lydia switches to Kelly’s upper body, oiling her flat stomach and tickling her belly button and armpits. Later, she lifts Kelly’s shirt, exposing her sexy breasts. She tickles Kelly’s ribs even harder, making her laugh even more. And in the end, she walks away.

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