Lyse Gets Her Revenge on Imelda's Ticklish Bare Feet


Length – 10:04 – 720P

This is Imelda’s turn to have her helpless bare feet up and tickled and Lyse was really impatient to get her ticklish revenge!

This is Lyse’s first experience as tickler and believe us she enjoyed it a lot and she was absolutely merciless with her poor friend. Lyse uses her nails, hairbrushes and the tickling glove to get the maximum laughter.

Imelda’s soles and toes are so ticklish that every technique works perfectly and it is great to watch because the poor ticklee asks her friend to stop but the merciless Lyse is decided to drive her crazy. She really shows her no mercy and this is a great situation. Imelda is a charming girl with exquisite and extremely ticklish extremities. Enjoy these two sexy girls who have so much fun with their extremely ticklish feet!

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