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Madoka passionately worships tasty Kate Anima’s feet

By John. Made by request
In this clip, Madoka sweetly licks Kate Anima’s sexy feet.
Anima turns on from foot worship, she nicely reacts to such caresses, Madoka tries to give her girlfriend as much pleasure as possible.

There are three scenes in this clip:
1st scene. Anima is lying on a bench, tightly hogtied. Madoka sits behind her bare feet and licks them, concentrating on sucking her toes.

2nd scene. Anima sits on a bench, Madoka kneeling next to her. Anima brings her feet to Madoka’s mouth and she licks them, sucks toes and heels. The camera films from different angles.

3rd scene. Anima lies on a bench on her stomach. Madoka sits on the floor and continues to lick Anima’s feet passionately, passing the tongue along the entire sole and deeply sucking the heels.

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