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Madoka prepares a surprise for her guest Darina


Length - 34:01
- 1080P -
Published 16 November, 2021

Madoka invites Darina to visit her for watching a movie. The girls sit on a sofa and Madoka turns on her laptop, but instead of a movie, a fetish clip runs. In this clip, a tied girl experiences pleasure from a vibrator. Darina is surprised because she likes this secretly. Madoka is already caressing Darina. Darina cannot resist Madoka’s pressure and soon remains only in her panties, with a sock in her mouth, tied with tape to a chair…

Madoka decides to make a medley of what she saw in the clip and her fantasies. She already put clothespins on Darina’s hard nipples and also taped Magic Wand to Darina’s thigh so that it rested right against her pussy. Madoka turns it on and starts squeezing her helpless girlfriend.

Darina begins to feel like that girl from the video. Soon, after prolonged caresses, Madoka leaves bound and helpless Darina alone with the vibrator.

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