Madoka tickles licks and bites feet of tightly hogtied Dietrich


Length – 14:55

In this video, Madoka, a foot fetishist girl, tortures the feet of Dietrich, who is tossing and turning like a kebab on a skewer and feeling new sensations. In general, Dietrich is tightly bound in a hogtie.

Madoka sits next to his big feet and licks them, she does it so that Dietrich couldn’t relax for a second, i.e. we are not talking about a gentle licking, Madoka, on the contrary, like a vampire, digs into his feet with her teeth and revels sweet suffering of her victim, emotions, and screams of poor Dietrich. The vampire bites his toes, tickles his feet with her fingernails, combines tickling and biting. In a word, she is hungry and she satisfies her hunger and gets pleasure. Enjoy!

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