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Mandy’s Sweaty Feet Challenge

Definition - 1080P
Length - 12:04


Mandy also heard about our sweaty socks challenge and it seems like she really wanted to give it a try! This hot and sexy 18 year old brat have been wearing the same pair of grey socks for a full week at work just to give herself a better chance to win this challenge! The deal now is that this loser slave will have to deal with her sweaty socks in his face for the next twenty minutes! If he cant do it? She makes a two hundred dollar bonus! Mandy talks about her long working day and just makes sure the rules are very clear before she gives him the call to take her boots off! She immediately covers his face with her sweaty grey socks and the smile on her face is just priceless! This girl clearly loves to dominate! She rubs her sweaty grey socks all over his face and makes him lick the bottom of her socks until they are totally wet!

She makes him take some deep breaths in her socks and fill his mouth with her toes. Mandy felt like twenty minutes was not long enough so she wants to add another ten minutes to this challenge! The girls makes the rules so the slave could just not complain about it! She makes his take her socks off with his teeth and pushes them into his mouth with her toes! She makes him take some deep breaths in her feet and stick his tongue out again to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! You will instantly fall in love with this 18 year old Mandy! She is cute as hell! Another Super Hot Clip Alert! (French Language)

are you over 18?

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