Mara's last session - Ticklish tanned summer body and soft feet


Length - 23:17 - 1080P

This is the last tickling session with Mara (according to her words). She’s still very ticklish and tan. She wears summer clothes and ponytail on her head. Young and cute girl is ready for some tickling.
Mara is tied on the bench. This time I tickle her feet gently, then under her knees and hips. She lies on her stomach and this is a new tickling position for her.
I come closer to her sides and tickle them, and her armpits as well, so she’s squealing and shrinking.

Then I tie her feet and bite her toes, which drives Mara crazy. Then I tickle and bite her feet and tickle her sides at the same time, Mare is laughing and squealing.
Next, she lies on her back and I reveal her ticklish belly. I tickle it with a feather and she trembles from tickling. Then I tickle her feet with my fingers and bite them again. Then tickle her belly and armpits.
In the end, you’ll see a POV shooting where I tickle her belly and waist.

Let us know if you want to commission a clip with Mara. Maybe we will manage to get her one more time. Feel free to drop us a mail!

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