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Mary juiced out her best friend Elana !


Length –  24:15 – 1080P

Here we have 2 new models from 2019 and I’m sure they will become fan favorites!

Mary and Elana are two really good friends, I know Mary well and she’s a good friend! She convinced her tall-model-friend Elana to try tickle torture with her.

The Alchemy between the two is unbelievable.

What’ most important? Elana is 10/10 ticklish.

The session for her was pure Chaos :
– First, she got into the stocks but we had to stop because she had so much strength she was breaking everything
– Then we tied her up to the table
– Then we Wrapped her up.

So don’t mock me, but it was my first wrapping and I only used Gaffer tape because I forgot to order the plastic … The result was ugly but effective, and she got a nice epilation session at the end (oops !) The last 2 minutes, Elana can’t even laugh because she got juiced out by Mary.

So now, the only thing I know is that she doesn’t want to come back, despite having had fun tickling Mary for a nice Payback (next video to come)


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